Wiring Harness for Railcore Mini



In stock, ready to ship. 

Wiring harness as used in a Railcore Mini. Note: There are several changes between this harness and the "correct, updated, complete" harness posted here. Most notably, the 4 pin cable is incorrect, and will need to be rewired. Also, some cables in the full harness are missing from this set. Compare the drawing posted on this product page to the one on Github for more information. Even if you're not building a Railcore Mini (which you totally should) these kits are a great value for the fans alone - intended to cool a Duet board, and have suitable connectors and cable lengths for that. Also includes a high quality/high current DC jack, endstop harness, and JST-VH to Microfit cable for connecting common hotends to Duet boards.

Chassis wiring kit is produced by a ISO9001 facility, and are RoHS/REACH compliant. Wiring is 300v rated, and UL Recognized.