E3D Lite6



24v versions available, select voltage above. Do check upon delivery, 24v heaters are 10+ ohms.

Our stock of Lite6 has changed over to the new cartridge style thermistor setup. Please use the order notes if you have another preference.

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Lite6 shares many advanced features from the v6 E3D HotEnd, such as compatible interchangeable nozzles in a range of sizes, our easy to use and robust thermistor mounting, integrated Bowden coupling, and the ability to guide flexible filaments all the way from the drive gear to the melt zone in a continuous PTFE liner.

So, how does Lite6 compare where it really matters?

Downsides to Lite6 E3D hotend vs E3D-v6 hotend

  • You can't print above 245°C due to the PTFE liner.
  • It's slightly heavier as the heatsink is stainless, not aluminum.

Ease of Use

The lite6 E3D HotEnd is able to produce prints that are just as beautiful and high quality as the v6 E3D HotEnd. E3D has made the HotEnd simpler to assemble with fewer parts, and Lite6 is easier to use and more tolerant of user errors than v6. It is still a good idea to use the provided heatsink cooling fan/duct, especially with PLA to avoid jams. 

The lite6 E3D HotEnd is extremely robust, maintainable, tolerant of user errors - even catastrophic errors. E3D uses a "Mostly metal" approach, with a one-piece stainless heatbreak/heatsink that is lined with PTFE. This means that even if the HotEnd is taken over temperatures that would normally destroy PEEK-based HotEnds Lite6 can easily be repaired by simply inserting a new PTFE liner at next to no cost. In the case of nozzle blockages due to contamination the nozzle can simply be removed and replaced with a standard v6 nozzle.

The lite6 E3D HotEnd is the same overall length, has the same groove-mounting dimensions as the v6 E3D HotEnd, and uses the same thermistor and heater as the v6 E3D HotEnd. So every printer, mount, and accessory designed around the v6 E3D HotEnd is immediately compatible with Lite6.

What's in the box?

  • Embedded Bowden Coupling (Universal for Direct & Bowden)
  • HeatSink
  • Heater Block
  • 1.75 x 0.4mm Nozzle (interchangeable)
  • Heater Cartridge
  • Thermistor (Semitec 104GT2)
  • Section of PTFE
  • Fan
  • Fan Duct
  • All the fixings and wiring you need