LDO Leadscrews & Antibacklash Parts



Stock reflected on page. Leadscrews are sold separately from nuts, so you can mix and match to get the desired combination.

What if LDO made as high-quality of a leadscrew as it does its stepper motors? Well great news. They have and we carry them. These leadscrews deliver the same manufacturing quality you've come to expect from all LDO products. 

Brass nuts should not be used with PTFE coated leadscrews, as they could scratch the coating.

Note: The M3 holes are tapped on the POM nuts, but are clearance on the brass nuts. If using brass nuts, plan to use both a nut and bolt in your assembly.

The "8" is diameter in millimeters. The "2" or "4" is the lead, or the distance traveled in millimeters with one rotation. Other specifications are number of starts, and pitch. Pitch is 2mm for both options. Single start for the 2mm lead option, and two start for the 4mm lead option. Lead = Pitch x Number of Starts