About Filastruder

History and What We Sell

Filastruder began in March 2013 with a Kickstarter campaign. Like many 3D printing companies of that era, we were blown away by the community's support and desire for us to provide products they could use for their printing needs. 

What started as an idea for a simple solution to a common problem has grown into a business as we have since expanded our offerings to become a genuine distributor of E3D hot ends and accessories, as well as selling Duet controllers, and even introduced our own line of filament -- Veracity, which comes in ABS, PLA, ProPLA, and PETG. These products and the many more we carry are all designed to improve print quality and enhance the printing experience. 

Our goal is simply to provide access to products that make 3D printing more enjoyable and less frustrating. We now supply products to customers ranging from the at-home hobbyist to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). If you are an OEM and curious about bulk discount pricing, feel free to contact us.

Additionally, we take great pride in providing fast shipping. What this means is we aim to ship orders received by 2PM EDT Monday - Friday the same day. To learn more about our shipping information, click here.


Since day one of Filastruder, we have prided ourselves on being a company that is committed to limiting waste and giving back to the world. From this vision, we created three initiatives: Going Green, Giving Back, and Education.

Going Green: Our vision is to have as close to zero waste as possible in everything we do. We have taken several tangible steps to achieve this goal. Read how and why do this here.

Giving Back: Because we know first hand the value in receiving support -- whether it’s feedback or monetary -- we believe giving back to the 3D printing community is an important step in helping it continue to evolve and prosper. Click here for an overview of how we give back.

Education: We believe education is extremely important, and part of providing a good education to our community is to help local schools, in tangible ways, develop and foster equipped learning environments. In doing so, we believe we will help give children opportunities to become future leaders and strong members of their communities. Click here to see how we contiribute to under-resourced teachers in the Atlanta-area.