Railcore II 300ZL/ZLT Single/Dual Extruder Y Carriage by Mandala Rose Works

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The Single/Dual Y Carriage (SD Carriage) is a replacement for the printed carriage for the Railcore II line of 3D printers.

This is the same carriage that comes in Mandala Rose Works' Dual Y Carriage kit, but it has additional hole locations, so you can use this as a single extruder plate. 

Mandala Rose Works has made a few updates on this, so that now, when in single extruder configuration, you are able to mount the limit switch for Y directly on the S/D Carriage. Additionally, they added a few extra holes on the bottom, so no matter what aluminum shroud mount you have, you can use it with this carriage.

To use the James Tongue Aluminum Fan Shroud with the SD Carriage, you need this adapter from Thingiverse.