Precision Piezo Orion



In stock, ready to ship. Only the assembled PCB is in stock (no printed parts or cables)

Now shipping with the new V2 Orion PCB. Bowden/Direct are the same kit, just leave out Bowden collet if mounting in a direct system. 

PLEASE NOTE: Plastic parts are now being printed in black not transparent as shown in the pictures.

The latest development in piezo Z-probing offering better accuracy, easier assembly, easier tuning and greater durability.

  • Accuracy, the Orion module has shown in tests to improve upon the Piezo20 module and acheive 0.005mm accuracy (5um)
  • Ease of assembly, the Orion module has only three parts and five screws. Brass threaded inserts already in place.
  • Rigidity, the Orion module does not rely on the strength of the piezo disk to hold the clamp in place. Ease of tuning,no fiddling with assembly bolts during tuning, just screw it down tight and leave it alone. Also includes easy tune tech from the PP20 v1.1 circuit
  • Durability, no delicate piezo solder joints in the Orion module. Brass threaded inserts make for much more robust connections.
  • Flexibility, today we are launching four different kits, groovemount and screwmount each with the option of bowden or direct drive feed. Dedicated kits for the CR-10 family and TronXY X5s are on the way. Hotend clamps for E3D Chimera/Cyclops and Microswiss hotend under development.
  • Modularity, Hotend clamps and printer mounting adapters are modular, simply print a different mount/clamp if you change your hotend or printer
  • Integrated bowden fitting, bowden versions come with an integrated bowden collet allowing use of a wider range of hotends without issue.

The PrecisionPiezo Orion module fits between your extruder/carriage and your hot end and provides a triggered signal when your nozzle touches the print bed. In testing the Orion module has achieved repeatability of 0.005mm (5um) with a standard deviation of 0.003. The Orion module can be used with any printing surface including Printbite, PEI, Buildtak, Glass, Aluminium, FR4, Lokbuild, if you find a surface that doesn't work let please us know.

Other advantages of the PrecisionPiezo Orion module:

  • Is permanently fixed, no servos, no deploying required
  • No X or Y offsets, your nozzle is the tool, so use the nozzle to probe
  • Uses a standard endstop connector
  • Can be used for Z_min endstop, auto bed levelling and delta calibration
  • Easy to configure in your firmware
  • Replaces inductive probes, IR probes, Capacitative probes, FSR's, servo probes
  • Illuminates on probing.
  • Module is very stiff, nozzle remains firm.

Full STL's provided, Open Source Hardware

Two module mounting options:
Groovemount on top of the module so that it can fit between your current groovemount hotend and your printer.
Screw Mount for M3 screws, your groovemount hotend fits into the module, and the module screws to the underside of your effector or carriage. Hole spacing: 4x3mm holes spaced 25x12.5mm repeated at 90deg

NEW! Heatsink mounting option:

Groovemount heatsink, accepts a standard (genuine) E3D V6 hotend

V6 Threaded heatsink, accepts the new E3D V6 Threaded heatsink, easier to use and more rigid.

This unit is designed to fit genuine E3D V6 (and lite) and clones (May require removal of the stock bowden collet (genuine E3D v6) or the entire bowden fitting (clones))
1.75mm hotends, direct drive and bowden are supported. 3mm direct drive is supported.
3mm Bowden is not currently supported.

What you receive:
Printed Parts for either a groovemount or screwmount module (this refers to how it mounts to the printer.) Hotend mount, for either Groovemount hotends or V6 threaded hotend.
Orion PCB
Endstop Cable, with both 3 and 4 pin dupont connectors provided
m3x20 or m3x16 countersunk x4
m3x35 countersunk x1

For direct drive models only:

100mm ptfe tube (2x4mm for 1.75mm filament)
The manual for the Orion module can be found here

We are pleased to offer a 6 months return to base warranty on this product, excluding failure of the printed parts, and failure that can be directly attributed to user error in assembly.

Much more information can be found at Reprap Forum. This module is an implementation of the work of Njål Brekke, Mike Simpson , Idris Nowell and Simon Khoury, all members of the open source 3D printing community.

We are constantly developing and improving our products based on our development and feedback from our customers. As a result there may be minor differences between the pictures of the product and the kit you receive however function will be identical or better.