Mosquito Magnum™ Plus Ultra High Flow Hotend


Fan Option

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Includes all of the industry-leading benefits of the Mosquito® product line, such as Bimetallic Heat Break™ technology, a 500 °C temperature rating, ability to print all filaments from basic PLA to medical-grade PAEK, and the rigid roll cage structure that enables our famous One-Handed Nozzle Change™...

Thermally Optimized:

  • Filament contacts the hot block directly for maximum heat transfer efficiency
  • Enhanced structural strength, ideal for large format printers, and non-planar printing
  • Print PLA up to 88 mm3/s and ABS up to 91 mm3/s*
  • Boost speed without losing resolution† 
  • Tips the scales at just 30% heavier than a standard Mosquito, but with 3.5x the output
  • Redundant temperature sensor sockets

Highly Configurable:

  • We carry Ø1.75 air or liquid cooling options
  • No heater is included, choose a 50w (accepts up to 2 for a total of 100w)
  • No temperature sensor is included, choose a 300C thermistor or 500C PT1000
  • No nozzle is included, uses standard-length (12.5 mm) Vanadium™ nozzles 
  • No fan is included on the air-cooled version, uses 25mm fans


  • Mosquito® Heat Sink or Water Block - Magnum+ (x1)
  • Hot Block Magnum+ - 1.75 (x1)
  • Mosquito® Heat Break - Standard - current (x1)
  • Hot Block Hardware - Magnum+ (x1)
  • Hotend Wrench Set (x1)
  • Hotend Mounting Hardware (x1)
Note that a fan (needed for Air-Cooled) heater, thermistor, and nozzle are not included. Suitable options include:

We highly recommend the use of BN paste with the Mosquito Magnum Plus to provide good thermal conductivity between the hotend and heater/thermistor.