LDO Smart Orbiter v3.0 (Cold Side Only)



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This Smart Orbiter v3.0 manufactured by LDO Motors is an innovative all in one dual drive extruder / hot end tool head assembly. The main mission of this design is the integration of the well proven Orbiter v2 concept into a lightweight all in one smart extruder.

Cold Side Only is a good option for folks looking to use the Smart Orbiter in a bowden configuration, or if you want to supply your own fan & hotside parts. Relative to the full setup, it and removes the following parts:

  • Fan
  • Heatbreak
  • Heatercore (& associated cables)
  • Nozzle

    The Orbiter v3.0 was designed by Dr. Lorincz Robert, for more information visit https://www.orbiterprojects.com/so3/.

    • Unique tensioning mechanism with elastic predefined tension levels
    • Frameless recessed fan to reduce the extruder weight and outside dimension
    • Large RNC coated dual drive gears with planetary gear reduction, similar to Orbiter v2.0
    • New precision main shaft design to reduce gear eccentricity
    • Full aluminum housing with Delrin plastic gears for low noise and long lifetime
    • The smart feature – integrated electronics
    • Easy removal of the secondary drive gear for easy cleaning and maintenance 
    • Double filament exit guide system for best TPU printing performance 
    • Overall weight is 155g