LDO Galileo v2 G2Z Kit (All Variants)



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After one year development with Voron engineer team, LDO has released the new version Galileo, Galileo 2, also named G2.

  • All G2 kits are based around a custom-designed 9:1 MJF and Aluminum planetary gearbox, with a custom 9T stepper that features 20% higher surface area than the existing 10T designs (5mm tall spur gear vs 4mm tall spur gear) for increased wear protection and better power transfer from the stepper to the gearbox. The gearbox also follows the rules of planetary gearboxes, where the sun (spur) gear needs to be divisible by the number of planets for proper meshing and loading of the planets (3 planets, 9T spur).
  • G2 Z-Drive (G2Z) is designed as a compact Z-drive for the Voron V2 and Micron printers. It features the same 9:1 planetary gearbox and stepper in an easy-to-assemble package without the need for belts or pulleys (outside of the Z belt pulley). This design saves considerable space in the electronics compartment for small V2 printers, as well as the Micron 120 and 180 printers, allowing for more room where it's needed most. On larger V2 printers the benefit is smaller, but still includes the higher gear ratio (up to 9:1 from 5:1) for increased print resolution. There are also multiple applications for user mods outside of the V2/Micron printers, such as a belted V0 Z drive.