E3D Revo HT-Abrasive High Flow Nozzle



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Discover E3D's Revo Nozzles for your 3D printing extrusion system, for hassle-free nozzle swaps without the need for tools or hot tightening.

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HF HT-A nozzles are high-temperature, high flow, abrasion-resistant nozzles. Much like ObXidian, these nozzles have a hardened steel tip, copper carrier and copper spreader segment to optimise the transmission of heat to the heatsink. The nozzle is then coated with Chromium Nitride to provide abrasive resistance, additional corrosion prevention and non-stick properties for printing up to 500°C.

Please note: Whilst HT nozzles can be used with 40W & 60W HeaterCores, they will be temperature limited to 300°C. To print up to 500°C, we advise that you upgrade to one of our Revo High Temperature Hotside kits.

Higher Flow.

Revo HF HT-A increases your setup's volumetric flow rate, enabling you to print high temperature, abrasive materials faster!

How does this work?

Revo HF HT-A maintains the exact same form factor as standard Revo HotEnds; this means there is no need to adjust your pre-existing mount and fan duct setups! These High Flow nozzles use a unique custom internal geometry to increase the surface area for improved thermal transfer to the filament.

More nozzle sizes.

Revo HF HT-A unlocks higher flow for existing 0.4mm, 0.60mm, and 0.80mm nozzle sizes and adds 1.00mm, 1.20mm, and 1.40mm nozzle sizes to your arsenal of high flow, abrasive resistant nozzles.

Experiment freely.

With nozzle swapping this easy, you’re free to experiment with different nozzles for different applications. In the event of issues like clogged nozzles, simply unscrew one and effortlessly

replace it with a new one. This leads to a significant reduction in your 3D printer's downtime and only means one thing, more time for 3D printing!

Frustration-free. Each Revo Nozzle is a preassembled nozzle and HeatBreak in one unit, so there’s no hazardous hot tightening and no chance of incorrect assembly. Say goodbye to frustrating HotEnd leaks and enjoy reliable 3D printing!

Rapid identification. HF HT-A nozzles are grey in colour and have their sizes engraved into them with easy-to-read numbers, so there are no confusing identification markers to learn!

Please note:

- Revo™ Nozzles are not compatible with V6-style HeaterBlocks

- You may need to adjust your Z offset when changing nozzles.


Key features:

- Material: Copper/Hardened Steel Assembly with Chromium Nitride coating

- Input diameter: 1.75mm

- Maximum temperature: 500°C

- Nozzles Sizes: 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm & 1.4mm