E3D Revo Extension Cables



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Swap nozzles without complex tools and hot tightening with this innovative new HotEnd ecosystem from E3D, FDM 3D printing extrusion system experts.

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Revo HeaterCore (12V or 24V). No cables included, only what is pictured. Details for each option provided as a table below. Cables are rated to 80C ambient.

SKU Variant Dimension (mm) Tolerance (mm) Connector (HotEnd side) Connector (PCB side)
RC-CABLE-SENSOR Standard 1000 ±15 MOLEX MICROFIT 3.0: MOLEX SL: Housing: 50-57-9002, Crimps: 16-02-0086
RC-CABLE-HEATER Standard 1000   E0508 Ferrule
RC-CABLE-HEATER Mini 1000   E0508 Ferrule
RC-CABLE-SENSOR-PRUSA-MINI Mini 730 Housing: 43640-0201 MOLEX SL: Housing: 50-57-9402, Crimps: 16-02-0086
RC-CABLE-HEATER-PRUSA Mk 3 585 Crimps: 43031-0001 E0508 Ferrule
RC-CABLE-SENSOR-PRUSA Mk 3 640   MOLEX SL: Housing: 50-57-9402, Crimps: 16-02-0086