Duet 3 Scanning Z Probe


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The Duet 3 Scanning Z probe is a CAN-FD connected inductive sensing board, with compatible inductive PCB coils. It allows for a point mesh of the bed to be built up quickly as no movement in Z is required to read the bed distance, and individual readings happen very quickly. An accelerometer has been added to the PCB as well to allow for the SZP board to also be used for input shaping calibration.

Integrating and mounting a Duet 3 Scanning Z Probe is easy as we deliberately separated the processing board from the coil that is used as a sensor using a Flat Flexible Cable. That allows for freedom of mounting of the sensing board, as only the coil needs to be next to the nozzle and close to the bed.

We will supply both 15mm and 12mm coils with initial orders. As we characterise performance we will settle on one "standard" coil diameter and may supply other diameters separately.

The documentation can be found here