Bondtech LGX™ For Flexibles Set

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The LGX™ For Flexibles (FF) Set is a special setup that contains the parts necessary to create, with the Bondtech LGX™ eXtruder, a print head that will excel at printing most materials and especially the soft and flexible. Note: This LGX™ add-on only supports 1.75 mm size filament.

Each LGX™ FF Set is supplied with:

  • 1x LGX™ Black Anodized Aluminum Heat Sink
  • 1x LGX™ Black Anodized Aluminum Air Cooled Cold Block
  • 1x LGX™ Air-cooled Cold Block Mounting Hardware
  • 1x Copperhead™ LGX™ Heat Break
  • 1x Copperhead™ Hot Block
  • 1x Bondtech M6x1x7.5 Coated Brass Nozzle 0.4mm

      Additional product and LGX™ technology info below. 

      Designed To Be Flexible

      The LGX™ For Flexibles Set includes a reversible heat sink that can be installed on the left or right hand side of the cold block. The heat sink also includes the hole pattern for attaching 40×40 fans.

      Main Advantages

      • Gives access to softer materials
      • Enables to print flexible and soft materials faster
      • Keeps the print-head small and light
      • Allows mounting in many different ways

      Technical Specification

      LGX™ FF SET

      • Cold Block Material : Anodized Aluminum;
      • Heat Sink Material : Anodized Aluminum;
      • Copperhead Hot Block materials : steel tube; copper body; nickel plating.
      • Max operating temperature : 450°C
      • LGX™ FF Set net weight : 55.5 g g
      • Package measurements : 80x103x73 mm
      • Package weight : 96 g

      STEP FIles To Download

      Click the links below to download STEP files with simplified geometries of each available setup.

      Bondtech's LGX™ features its latest Dual Drive technology based on larger drive gears, but that's just one of the new features Bondtech has implemented on an extruder. 

      Bondtech eXtruder features:

      • Larger drive wheels, for increased filament grip
      • Filament pre-tension lever, for repeated results
      • Multi-function interface socket, for tool or application quick swap
      • Drive wheels’ maintenance windows, for easy cleaning
      • Compact, light and symmetric design, for increased performance and compatibility
      • Multiple mounting hole patterns, for easy and flexible setup
      • A small step for a greener Future, craft boxes without bleaching and no coating

      You can read more about the new LGX™ features by clicking here

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