Bondtech BMG Internals Set


In stock, ready to ship. Comes with the updated Shaft/Gear assembly, as of 2/22/23.

Original Bondtech® OEM set of parts to use on the HextrudORT and other printers/extruders such as the Voron Stealthburner, Sherpa Mini

What is included

  • 1x 1.75/5.0mm Bondtech® Drive Gear Set
    • (Standard version) Includes primary gear with inner diameter 5 mm, secondary gear with two needle bearings, M3x2 setscrew and one 3 x 20 mm shaft.
    • (RIDGA version) Includes a set with the Hardened Steel R.I.D.G.A. and original 1.75mm secondary Drive Gear. NOTE: The reversed integrated drive gear is not compatible with BMG extruders, because the position of the hotbed section is reversed/flipped relative to what a BMG extruder uses.
  • 1x Main Shaft Assembly
  • 1x Thumbscrew Assembly
  • 1x 4mm Push-fit Collar
  • 2x 5x8x2.5 Ball Bearing