Railcore II 300 ZL/ZLT James Tongue Fan Shroud



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We are pleased to be able to announce that we are licensed to print and sell the James Tongue "Mandible" fan shroud for the Railcore II 300 ZL/ZLT printers. A portion of the proceeds of these sales go back to the designer, James Tongue himself.

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) nylon shrouds are printed out of powdered nylon, and have a heat deflection temperature of 150C. No spacer or mounting bracket is included, these can be printed with a normal printer and can be found here.

Resin shrouds are printed out of fun-to-do industrial high-temp resin, and are good up to 225C. The spacer and mounting bracket are included. Please Note: Resin, while strong, has absolutely ZERO give. If your nuts for the mounting brackets do not fit easily, DO NOT FORCE THEM. The resin WILL crack. Instead, use a knife or dremel to widen the hole till your nut seats easily into the cavity.

There is an option for the 3D printed Y-carriage, this is compatible with the printed Y-carriage and either an E3Dv6 or a Slice Mosquito.

There is an option for the aluminum Y-carriage, this is compatible with the aluminum Y-carriage and either an E3Dv6 or a Slice Mosquito.

We also have an option for the E3D Hemera, in which you get the Hemera specific shroud only as the hemera fan bolts to the bottom of the E3D Hemera mount with no need for a special bracket.

Parts files for printed and aluminum versions here:


And for Hemera version here:



When installing these mounts, note that the heater block should be oriented so that the longest faces point toward the duct outlets, so that the heater block fits between them. 

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