SilentStepStick - TMC2100 Stepper Motor Driver


Both versions in stock, ready to ship.

We are now US distributors of a Stepper Motor Driver based on a Trinamic TMC2100 and created by Waterott Electronic. Much smoother control, up to 256x micro stepping, quieter, sometimes nearly silent stepper operation.

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  • Hardware compatible with StepStick and Pololu A4988
  • Drive capability up to 1.2A continuous coil current
  • Step/Dir interface with microstep interpolation (up to 256 microsteps)
  • Motor voltage: 4.75...46V
  • Logic voltage: 3.3...5V (Standard version)
  • Logic voltage: 5V (5v version)
  • stealthChop - for quiet operation and smooth motion
  • spreadCycle - highly dynamic motor control chopper

Further info on the GitHub project page:

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