LDO Leviathan Control Board


In stock, ready to ship.

  • Supports Klipper firmware

  • STM32F446 MCU

  • 1x Vin 24V Mainsupply (polarity and overvoltage protected)

  • 1x Vin 24-48V TMC5160 supply (polarity and overvoltage protected)

  • 5x TMC2209 onboard drivers (24V)

  • 2x TMC5160 onboard drivers (24-48V), onboard 12V source for gate drive

  • 4x Thermistor inputs

  • 4x Fan outputs (with tacho signal support, 5/24V via jumpers)

  • 1x Probe input (5/24V via jumper)

  • 1x Filamentsensor input (5V tolerant)

  • 1x Neopixel output

  • 3x Endstop inputs (5V tolerant)

  • 1x Hotend heater output (max. 180 W, 7.5 A)

  • 1x Heatbed heater output (max. 240 W, 10 A)

  • 1x dimmable LED-strip output (350mA constant current source)

  • 1x EXP1 port

  • 1x EXP2 port

  • 1x Extension port (4x ADC, 1xUART, 1xSPI or 1xCAN, 10GPIO, 3.3V@0.5A, 5V0.5A, 24V@0.5A)

  • 1x STM32 programmer interface (backup)

  • 1x USB-C interface

  • 1x CAN Bus interface (MicroFit 3.0 connector)

  • 1x RPi Powersupply (5-pin JST-XH connector with UART support)

  • Mounting holes for RPi Zero 2W and RPi3/4

  • Better stepper driver cooling

  • Dimensions: 170x100mm, Mounting holes: 160x90mm

    Documentation: https://github.com/MotorDynamicsLab/Leviathan

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