Railcore II 300ZL/ZLT Updates

October 23, 2020 2 Comments

Last summer we announced the difficult decision to no longer work with ProjectR3D. In that decision we also mentioned that while we were uncertain about our future with the Railcore, we would begin selling them again if we could determine a path forward that also had the blessing of the RailcoreLabs designers.

Well due to popular demand, we are happy announce that we are officially back! As of today, 10/23/2020, we are back to selling full Railcore II 300 ZL and ZLT kits. 

Since last summer, some updates have been made to the design of some parts in our kits. Those updates are listed below.

Railcore II 300 ZL
Updates to physical parts:


Side Panels
  • Textured on both sides
  • Offered in black and white
  • Railcore II 300ZL/ZLT logo moved to top of front panel
Printed Parts
  • Non-structural parts are now blue
  • Structural parts are now printed by J. Steve White, co-designer of the Railcore, on his Railcores in carbon fiber filament
Printed parts for ZL/ZLT
Wiring Harness
  • Done by a professional shop, ISO9001 facility
  • Wiring is 300v rated, RoHS/REACH compliant, and UL Recognized
  • BLTouch cable extended by 500mm to 1500mm
  • Change to a dual fused power inlet. Previous models only had the “hot” fused, which can result in an unfused hot internationally or if building wiring is incorrect. New power inlet is also filtered.
  • Heatshrink added to microswitch soldered connections
  • Change grounding scheme to a 5 terminal Wago instead of tripling ring terminals
  • Includes cover for Meanwell terminals
Wiring Harness for ZL/ZLTBed heaters
  • Still produced by Keenovo, but now includes a self-resetting 150C thermal cutoff
  • Change to 0.9 deg/step stepper motors on all axes
  • Change to T8x4 LDO leadscrews with POM anti-backlash nut
Hardware bags
  • Kitted by professional fastener company with labels printed directly on bags
  • Change kit to use SHCS wherever possible
  • Change SSR mounting to use nuts instead of just threading into HDPE
  • Lengthened bed mounting screws to 25mm
  • Change to zinc plated 12.9 hardware wherever possible - stronger than stainless
  • Now includes thumbscrews for attaching electronics box cover
  • Offering E3Dv6 Ultimate Edition
Changes/updates to documentation:

(thanks to SteveDallas, Max_Plastix, benwithem, cheeseandham, kraegar, and jstevewhite for assistance with Github reorganizing and BOM proofreading)


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Guy D Winslow
Guy D Winslow

March 08, 2023

This has probably been asked before but could not get any hits on the web. Shouldn’t the Magnum Idler Pulleys be toothed for smother operation? I mean are we not introducing mechanism resonance into the belt itself?

Steven London
Steven London

November 06, 2020

NICE! very much appreciated!

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