3D Printed Biomimetic Hand Project

February 20, 2017

Last summer we received an email from a high school student named Grayson. We’ve kept in touch with him over the past few months exchanging emails back and forth on a range of topics, including an interesting venture Grayson has been working on since August 2016.

Grayson and his team are working on a 3D printed biomimetic robotic hand based on research completed at the University of Washington. Naturally, we found this use of 3D printed materials fascinating and to help Grayson and his team, we sponsored their work by providing them with an E3D Ultimaker Upgrade Kit.

At the time of this post, Grayson and his team are ahead of schedule and are finishing up the hardware side of the project while working on improving the hand’s thumb joint to achieve the range of motion his team is targeting.

Grayson plans to upload a new video update soon, and we’ll be sure to update this post and pass that along when he does. For now, take a look at the progress photos below and check out his webpage for background on the project, ongoing updates and more photos at: http://ggalisky.weebly.com/3d-printed-biomimetic-hand-project.html

Photos courtesy of Grayson

Photo courtesy of Grayson

Photos courtesy of Grayson

Photos courtesy of Grayson


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