E3D Ultimaker Upgrade Kit

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The Ultimate Upgrade for Technical Tinkerers

“E3D components on an Ulti-machine is a match made in heaven” Senior Editor, All3DP


E3D Extrusion Upgrade Kit for Ultimakers

This Ultimaker upgrade boosts your Ultimaker 2 to access the full E3D ecosystem for high-performance professional tinkering. We recommend this E3D extrusion upgrade for intermediate to advanced users who are comfortable modding the hardware and firmware of their 3D printing machinery.

Upgrade your Ultimaker 2, 2+, 2 Extended, 2 Extended+ with the acclaimed E3D V6.1 HotEnd and Titan Extruder. Open the door to the full E3D ecosystem for 3D printing, with its impressive range of modular nozzles and parts to suit your every need.

Combined with our powerful geared Titan extruder, experience grip and pushing strength like never before.

We have also included a nozzle fun pack, with 6 nozzle sizes ranging from 0.25mm to 0.8mm, and with a standard 0.4mm already mounted and hot-tightened onto the hotend.

This hotend is also compatible with our silicone sock, and comes with one already mounted on the hotend; no more plastic gunking up your nozzle or block!

Detailed instructions are available on our wiki, and Tom Sanlanderer also has a complete upgrade video tutorial.

Compatible with:

• Ultimaker2
• Ultimaker2+ (Ultimaker 2 Plus)
• Ultimaker 2 Extended
• Ultimaker 2 Extended+ (Ultimaker Extended Plus)

1.75mm E3D Ultimaker upgrade coming soon!


• 1x V6.1 HotEnd(Bowden 3mm 24V PT100 new cartridge), fully assembled and hot tightened
• 1x 3mm Nozzle Fun Pack, including 6 nozzles (0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm)
• 1x Titan extruder kit with 3mm Bowden adaptor
• Sample of spoolWorks Edge filament for 3D printing
• Bowden, 3mm, 24v, PT100 Cartridge
• Printed X-carriage parts, including part cooling fan ducts
• 2x fan ducts
• 1x pre-assembled wiring loom
• 1x Bowden tube

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