Wiring Harness for ZL/ZLT

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Wiring harness as used in our Railcore kits. Includes SSR and AC power receptacle. Not all cables/parts that are included are pictured, more photos coming soon.


Full Harness contains:

Item Quantity
Chassis wiring kit, cables W1 through W17 (Includes fan and microswitches, see details here) 1
Panasonic AQA411VL SSR 1
Power inlet/switch, dual fused with filter, fuses included (Astrodyne 084.01001.00-RSI) 1
Grommet for bed wiring pass through side panel 1
BLTouch cable 1
Toothed Washer 1
3-Position Wago Terminal Block 2
5-Position Wago Terminal Block 1
Cable Tie Mount 10
Zip Tie 50
Meanwell PSU terminal cover 1
LDO Stepper Motor Cables (set of 6) 1
Hotend heater cable 1
Hotend fan cable 1
Hotend thermistor cable 1
Zip tie for cable stiffening


200mm Heatshrink 1
600mm of 1/2" Techflex 1


Chassis wiring kit is produced by a ISO9001 facility, and are RoHS/REACH compliant. Wiring is 300v rated, and UL Recognized. Cables included are linked here. Print cooling fan and X/Y endstop switches are included.

Print cooling fan and X/Y endstop switch subassembly is available separately. Print cooling fan is a Delta BFB0524HH, excellent quality. Endstop switches are Omron D2F-01F, also excellent quality.