Twist Lock Assembly for Jubilee


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Jubilee is a fabricatable Multi Tool Motion Platform that is exceptionally good at 3D printing. The Twist-Lock Assembly is one of Jubilee's three hard-to-make parts.

What is it?

The Twist Lock assembly one of Jubilee's few parts that can't be made easily by hand. This product is one fully-assembled Twist Lock assembly. Documentation

Why did you make it?

Jubilee is an open-source, fabricatable Multi Tool Motion Platform that I hope can pave the way for community development on multi-tool machines of all kinds, from pancake printers, to circuit board mills, to multi-tool 3D printers.

What makes it special?

The Twist-Lock Assembly is part of Jubilee's toolchanging feature. It enables Jubilee to automatically lock tools into the carriage.

Final Thoughts

Jubilee was designed with love by Joshua Vasquez at the Machine Agency Lab in the University of Washington.