Sammy-C21 V1.0 Duet3D Module


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This is the Duet3D version of the Sammy-C21 module with a preloaded Duet3D bootloader.

Sammy-C21 V1.0 is a versatile and very compact/small (just 18x38mm size!) microcontroller board with the SAMC21G18A microcontroller, CP2102 USB UART converter, and two CAN2.0/CAN-FD standard compatible CAN bus transceivers. All relevant controller signals are available on pin headers. 16MHz XTAL and 32768Hz TOSC watch crystal are included.

The Atmel/Microchip SAM C series of 5V Cortex M0+ devices are designed for industrial and commercial applications in noisy environments. These products feature robust communications peripherals including the SERCOM module and CAN-FD, along with advanced motor control peripherals, and the Peripheral Touch Control (PTC) for developing robust user interfaces.

The microcontroller module is shipped without preassembled pin headers since everybody has different preferences or requirements. A Connector Kit with a suitable set of pin headers and receptacles comes with it.

You can find further information in the Infosheet.