Railcore II Reinforcer Bondtech BMG Extruder Mount by Mandala Rose Works

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After numerous requests, and a lot of design concepts, Mandala Rose Works has developed the Reinforcer Bondtech BMG Extruder mount.

The Reinforcer was designed from the ground up to be very sturdy, rigid, and not allow any flex when running speedy extrudes and retracts.

Mandala Rose Works added slots for the mounting holes, meaning there is side-to-side adjustment to align your extruder perfectly with your hotend. The Reinforcer is compatible with any of their Railcore Y carriages, including 713Maker Y-carriage and the Dual Hotend Y-carriage. The Reinforcer is a drop-in replacement and takes about 5 minutes to install.

Rigidity is so important to 3D printers, yet Mandala Rose Works still managed to keep the weight at a minimal 33 grams.