Railcore II 300ZL/ZLT Magnetic Bed Powder Coated PEI Sheet


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This powder coated PEI sheet is an excellent build sheet for your Railcore magnetic bed. With textured PEI on both sides, it will be a long lasting solution to all your layer adhesion needs since powder coated PEI is more durable than smooth PEI sheet. The sheet is 0.75mm thick and has excellent magnetic pull - over 20lbs of force is needed to induce slip on our magnetic beds. Has tabs for easy removal/installation without touching the print surface.

Unlike some retailers, we don't try to rebrand or "white label" our products. This sheet is made by Thekkiinngg, and you can see their Amazon reviews for their Prusa sized sheets here. Note that the color of the coating may not be uniform, but in both Thekkiinngg's experience and our own, durability is not affected.