PanelDue 7i



In stock, ready to ship. Documentation can be found here.

Custom-made high-quality 7" TFT LCD panel from a leading manufacturer, with the PanelDue controller by David Crocker integrated on the LCD's PCB.

The PanelDue is a full-color touch-sensitive graphical control panel from Duet3D. Although primarily intended for use with Duet electronics, it also works with other 3D printer electronics that supports a true serial port and includes the required support in the firmware, for example RADDS. Both RepRapFirmware and Repetier firmware support PanelDue.

Available by default with no cable. Optionally, you can select a premade 1m cable instead. The cable is a 4 pin cable, same pinout on both ends (straight through). Assembly and other details can be found by clicking here. 10 pin cables let you put an SD card in for storing gcode etc, but is limited to 300mm.

Note that the Duet 3 6HC does not have a 10 pin LCD/SD connector, so you must use the 4 pin cable for connecting a PanelDue if using with a Duet 3 6HC. 

Link to drawing (dwg)

Link to drawing (PDF)