NEMA17 21N-cm Stepper Motor

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Nema17 21N-cm stepper motor with 24mm D shaft for grub screw and 1.0m wiring.

These stepper motors are smaller NEMA17 Stepper Motors for use on your extruder or printer axes. Being only 34mm long but still producing 21N-cm of torque these motors make an excellent choice for use on your extruder. Lighter and shorter than the standard motors, but producing nearly as much torque. Hybrid.

Property Value
Manufacturer Wantai
Model No. 42BYGHM208P4
Holding Torque 21 N-cm
Shaft 24mm
Rated Voltage 2.5v
Stepping Angle 0.9°
Rated Current 1.2A

Lead Length    1000mm



Datasheet: Wantai Website


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