Masterspool - Empty Spool



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If you're not already using Masterspool and Masterspool compatible refills, you should be!

Black Spool Info:

This is an injection molded 2-part filament spool, onto which Masterspool compatible refills can be loaded. Includes thumbscrew hardware.

Clear Spool Info:

The clear spools are reused Esun spools, and as such have Esun branding. You will need a 5mm allen key to loosen/tighten the screws on the spool. One is not included, but if you need one, request as such in the order notes. Filament on the clear spool is shown only for reference, is not included.

Core ID:  54mm (2.12in)
Core OD:  74mm (2.91in) (92mm on clear spool)
Spool OD:  200mm (7.87in) 
Spool outer width:  64mm (2.52in)
Spool inner width 58mm


This comes with adapter spacer with the following dimensions:

Adapter OD 100mm
Adapter ID 77mm
Adapter width 58mm


The adapter makes this spool suitable for use with the masterspool refills we sell. Adapter color may vary.