Bondtech LGX™ Accessories For Sidewinder X1 and Mosquito™


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This is the accessories package for the Bondtech LGX™'s Direct Drive setup upgrade kit to use on Artillery Sidewinder X1, for the Mosquito™ (screw mount) hotends from Slice Engineering

This LGX™ set includes:

  • 1x LGX™ PA12 Fan Shroud for Mosquito™
  • 1x LGX™ PA12 Z-axis end switch adapter
  • 2x M2.5×10 button head screw

    Additional info on Bondtech LGX™ technology below. 

    Bondtech's LGX™ features its latest Dual Drive technology based on larger drive gears, but that's just one of the new features Bondtech has implemented on an extruder. 

    Bondtech eXtruder features:

    • Larger drive wheels, for increased filament grip
    • Filament pre-tension lever, for repeated results
    • Multi-function interface socket, for tool or application quick swap
    • Drive wheels’ maintenance windows, for easy cleaning
    • Compact, light and symmetric design, for increased performance and compatibility
    • Multiple mounting hole patterns, for easy and flexible setup
    • A small step for a greener Future, craft boxes without bleaching and no coating

    You can read more about the new LGX™ features by clicking here

      LGX™ Webinar