LDO Orbiter v2 Toolboard (Orbitool O2 v2.72)


In stock, ready to ship.

The long-awaited LDO Orbiter Toolboard is finally here! Datasheet available, overview below.

We are hobbits, professionals and let’s face it, we do mistakes, and when the magic smoke shows up everybody is disappointed, even if we know it’s a user fault. In this board, I promise you the magic smoke is kept inside extremely tight!

Smokeless Features

  • Optimized for Orbiter v2 shape and features including orbiter sensor
  • STM32F042 microcontroller running on 48MHz
  • Automotive USB communication with Raspberry PI
  • Onboard LIS2DW12 accelerometer
  • TMC2209 extruder stepper driver
  • Direct connection to Orbiter v2 sensor
  • 2x PWM controlled fan outputs
  • DC-DC converter based Hot-end fan driver, compatible with 12/24V fan types with RPM speed input signal
  • Hot-end temperature sensor input compatible with standard NTC or PT1000 temperature sensor types
  • I/O for bed level sensing
  • X-Stop sensor input
  • RGB LED driver output
  • Onboard temperature sensor
  • Advanced thermal management system

Protection Features

  • Active short circuit protected Hot-end output
  • Active short circuit protected fan driver outputs Active
  • Protection circuit against reverse power supply connection
  • Protection against loss of GND supply
  • Analog and digital inputs protected against short to +24V supply voltage
  • USB data lines protected against short circuits to GND and +24V
  • RGB LED power supply pin protected against short to GND
  • EMI interference and ESD protection an all inputs and outputs
  • Heater thermal runaway protection in case of short between heater and sense thermistor wires