LDO Orbiter Extruder v2.0 Smart Filament Sensor



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This is the new smart filament sensor for the Orbiter v2 extruder!

The main features are:

Filament auto-load
Filament tangle detection*
Filament runout sensing
Filament un-load action button

Designed to run under Klipper but, not limited to.

Simple direct connection to the Orbitool USB toolboard of Orbiter v2.

This is a brand-new sensor design, much improved compared to the previous sensor version.

The first big change is the filament tangle detection functionality. Tangled filament is one of the most common causes of print failures. When the filament is tangled on the spool, the force required to pull the filament into the extruder increases, this triggers the detection sensor and consequently runs a Klipper macro to pause the printing and inform the user about the issue. The detection is activated when the pulling force is increased over two kilograms of force for more than one second. The wear of PTFE tube can also trigger tangle detection due to the high friction force.

The second big change is signal filtering and plausibility checking by the onboard microcontroller. Klipper native filament sensor support is not the best way to filter out all kinds of fake detections and debouncing of the input signals. To improve this, this sensor is equipped with a small, eight-bit microcontroller just for that job, plus it controls the RGB input light based on the sensor state in a much nicer way than is possible with Klipper macros.

Last but not least, a push-fit collet clip for better PTFE tube locking with an RGB illuminated ring around, which indicates the filament sensor / extruder status:

Red - no filament detected

Green - filament present

Blue blinking - filament unload

Yellow blinking - filament tangle

More details here.