Klipper ToolBoard for Roto Extruder


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Explore the advanced capabilities of smarter extrusion with the Roto Klipper ToolBoard, designed by Robert Lorincz. This ToolBoard simplifies your wiring setup and introduces features like input shaping directly onto the Toolboard.

Please note that this Toolboard does not come with the Roto Extruder, you can buy that seperately here.

Roto ready

Optimized to work directly with the Roto Extruder, this Klipper compatible Toolboard mounts directly to the Roto allowing for compact simple wiring using the automotive grade USB interface. To protect against electrical hazards the Toolboard is supplied with an adaptor board which has onboard protection circuits to safeguard the Raspberry PI USB port.

With flexibility and futureproofing in mind, the board accepts both thermistor and PT1000 inputs, meaning you can use both the standard Revo Heater Cores and the High Temperature Hotsides. This allows a maximum print temperature of 500C (for details about ambient and actively heated chambers, refer to the datasheet).

Safety focused 

The Roto Klipper Toolboard is built around Robert’s design philosophy of robustness and safeguarding against common user errors and 3D printer defects, taking inspiration from the automotive industry, where protection against hazards is paramount. For a more detailed deep dive into the protections in place, please refer to the datasheet.


  • Direct assembly to Roto
  • Microcontroller: STM32F042 (48MHz)
  • Automotive USB communication with Raspberry Pi
  • Onboard LIS2DW12 accelerometer
  • TMC2209 extruder stepper driver
  • 1 x PWM 24V controlled part cooling fan output
  • 1 x PWM 5V controlled heatsink fan output with RPM speed input signal
  • NTC or PT1000 temperature sensor compatibility
  • I/0 for bed-level sensing
  • X-stop sensor input
  • Toolboard and extruder temperature sensor
  • Advanced thermal management system


  • 1 x Roto ToolBoard
  • 1 x USB Adaptor Board
  • 1 x ToolCable (1500mm, XT30 Connector / Molex Microfit 3x2 Connector
  • Power Cable (500mm)
  • USB A to USB C cable (300mm)
  • 1 x Crimp Bag
  • 2 x Plastic spacer (7mm OD, 4.2mm ID, 6.5mm L)
  • 2 x M4 x 15 SHCS
  • 2 x M4 x 16 self-tapping screws for plastic, posidrive head