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This is what makes the Filastruder do what it does. Using the power of science, this little motor turns the whole operation into a filament-making machine. This motor produces filament almost twice as fast as the motor included with the Kickstarter kits, and is a direct drop-in replacement.

Current version:
Specifications for GF45 series - Included in v2.0 Filastruder Kits:
(compatible with all Filastruders to date)

  • 12vDC
  • 8RPM
  • 15.6 N-m torque
  • 1.6A current draw (10A stall)
  • M5 bolt holes 

Older versions:
Specifications for 775 series - Included in v1.6 Filastruder Kits: 
(AKA "Beta motor")

  • 12vDC
  • 5RPM
  • 14.7 N-m torque
  • 2.3A current draw (10A stall) (note you will likely need to power this separately)
  • M5 bolt holes

Note: The beta motor is for advanced users only. It is capable of applying more than twice the torque of the standard motor, and may cause barrel twist and/or damage the wooden chassis/enclosure. It should be fused or otherwise protected against stall. Use with caution. You can grab a stall protection board here, it will limit the current to prevent damage to the machine and allow for use with the stock power supply.

Specifications for 555 series - Included in v1.2-v1.5 Filastruder Kits:
(AKA "standard version")
(comes with square drive shaft if purchased on or after 3/25/14 - picture not representative)

  • 12vDC
  • 3RPM
  • 12 N-m torque
  • 1.3A current draw
  • M5 bolt holes

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