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This is what makes the Filastruder do what it does. Using the power of science, this little motor turns the whole operation into a filament-making machine. This motor produces filament almost twice as fast as the motor included with the Kickstarter kits, and is a direct drop-in replacement.

Current version:
Specifications for GF45 series - Included in v2.x Filastruder Kits:
(compatible with all Filastruders to date)

  • 12vDC
  • 8RPM
  • 15.6 N-m torque
  • 1.6A current draw (10A stall)
  • M5 bolt holes 

Older versions:
Specifications for 775 series - Included in v1.6 Filastruder Kits: 
(AKA "Beta motor")

  • 12vDC
  • 5RPM
  • 14.7 N-m torque
  • 2.3A current draw (10A stall) (note you will likely need to power this separately)
  • M5 bolt holes

Note: The 775 and GF45 motors are capable of applying more than twice the torque of the standard motor, and may cause barrel twist and/or other damage. It should be fused or otherwise protected against stall. Use with caution. You can grab a stall protection board here, it will limit the current to prevent damage to the machine and allow for use with the stock power supply. You should not exceed 1.6A on the GF45 gearmotor.

Specifications for 555 series - Included in v1.2-v1.5 Filastruder Kits:
(AKA "standard version")
(comes with square drive shaft if purchased on or after 3/25/14 - picture not representative)

  • 12vDC
  • 3RPM
  • 12 N-m torque
  • 1.3A current draw
  • M5 bolt holes