Gates Sonic Tension Meter


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Comparison versus using a phone app for tensioningHow it works:
First, the belt mass constant, belt width, and measured span length are entered into the meter. Next, hold the meter sensor to the belt span, then lightly stum the belt to make it vibrate. Press the "measure" button to obtain the reading in either hertz (Hz), kilograms (kg), pounds (lbs) or Newtons (N).

Features for the meter include:

  • Output readings measurable in hertz (Hz), kilograms (kg), pounds (lbs) or Newtons (N).
  • Frequency range from 10 - 5000 hertz.
  • Variable frequency range filters
  • Auto gain conrol automatically adjust meter sensivity.
  • 20 memory registers for belt constants.
  • LCD screen with back light.

This item is available for rental or purchase. Either way, the up-front cost is $250. These genuine Gates Sonic Tension Meters retail for upwards of $600 normally, but we came across used, good condition STMs and picked a few up.

If renting, the first 2 weeks of the rental is $25, which covers roundtrip shipping + the credit card fee (fees don't get refunded to us merchants anymore unfortunately). Each subsequent week is $25, to encourage folks to return them back into the pool. We're not looking to make money on this, just wanting to get cool tools into the hands of folks that wouldn't spend $600 on them. So if you "rent it" for a week, you'd pay $250 up front, and be refunded $225 once returned.

Rental time is counted as the time between the delivery date and the package tracking being scanned for the return. A return shipping label will be provided with the meter. If you just never return it, well, you've bought it for $250. 

The only two functional differences between 507C and 508C are the 508C does not have a low frequency filter, and the 508C has 40 data storage registers, where the 507C only has 20. 507C meters come with a short (~6 inch) mic/cable, 508C meters come with a long (~3ft) cable & carrying case.

U-507C Manual (U-508C is very similar)

To produce tension readings, you will need belt mass constant values. You can determine this either by weighing your belt with a quality scale (weight in grams divided by (belt length in meters * belt width in mm), or use these values:

2GT RF: 1.37
2GT EPDM: 1.56
GT3 (Unitta): 1.63

Standard belt tension values are provided on page 11 of the manual above.