Gates GT3 (2MGT) Closed Loop Belts



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Genuine Gates Powergrip® GT3 Belts. Compatible with Genuine Gates 2GT, GT2, and GT3 components in 2mm tooth pitch.

For over 100 years Gates Corporation has earned itself a reputation as a pioneer of power transmission and fluid power solutions, and amongst their high-quality range of products, Gates GT3 drive belts are considered second to none.

Closed loop belts are offered not just for applications where one would normally use a closed loop belt, but also because they don't suffer from spiral cut artifacts. Open loop belt like we offer in 2GT and GT3 is produced by spiral-cutting a long "tube" of belt, known as a slab. This results in the teeth (and label printing, if you've ever noticed that) being angled slightly. Purchasing closed loop belt and cutting it to use as open loop is a way to avoid that (typically minor) disadvantage.

Rated to 85C.

Quiet, durable, and strong.