Gates 2GT Idler



In stock, ready to ship.

Compatible with Genuine Gates 2GT, GT2, and GT3 components in 2mm tooth pitch.

For over 100 years Gates Corporation has earned itself a reputation as a pioneer of power transmission and fluid power solutions, and amongst their high-quality range of products, Gates power transmission parts are considered second to none.

We are both delighted and proud to be stocking Gates 2GT products for our customers (at long last).

These come in standard 5mm bore, except the variant titled "3mm ID, for Prusa". All idlers are 20-tooth equivalent. 

Working temperature for idlers is -50℃ to 150℃.

Drawings provided in picture gallery. Be sure to confirm compatibility before ordering. Note that Prusa printers appear to have changed over time, and may not be compatible with these idlers. Idlers for 6mm belt are 10 mm wide, outside flange to outside flange. Check posted drawing.

A note on idler installation - The correct installation method is to use shims to fill the unused space on the shoulder bolt and prevent the idler body from dragging/rubbing on the bolt head and/or whatever the bolt is threaded into, but be careful not to use so many shims that the idler bearings experience axial compression.

The bearings in the idlers are radial bearings, not axial bearings. They are meant to handle radial load from belt tension, but not from axial compression by a shoulder bolt. one less shim than would create the compression mentioned above. I’ve attached a photo below, if you have questions feel free to contact support.

Toothed Idlers used appropriately in place of bearings prevent damage to the belts teeth by allowing it to glide freely and gently cups its teeth as it traverses around the curve.

Smoothed Idlers are purposely designed, with correct flanges and clearance to ensure a belt retains a constant tension throughout its entire stroke in a way bearings could never match.

These are genuine Gates products.