Gates 2GT Closed Loop Belts



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Genuine Gates Powergrip® 2GT Belts. Compatible with Genuine Gates 2GT, GT2, and GT3 components in 2mm tooth pitch.

2GT Gates belts are compatible with our full range of matching pulley and idlers.

Naming breakdown - For example: 140-2GT-6RF
140 - belt length (circumference) in millimeters
2GT - belt type
6RF - 6mm wide belt, Rubber Fiberglass composition

For over 100 years Gates Corporation has earned itself a reputation as a pioneer of power transmission and fluid power solutions, and amongst their high-quality range of products, Gates 2GT drive belts are considered second to none.

We at are both delighted and proud to be stocking Gates 2GT belts for our customers (at long last).

Gates 2GT Belts offer a standard that others just can’t match:

  • Made out of a fiberglass reinforced rubber which means it’s chemically resistant, harder wearing and doesn’t stretch whilst under stress
  • Imbued with of nylon fabric which covers the tooth facing of the belt and acts as both a wear resistant surface (protecting the teeth) and provides a superior grip
  • A uniquely designed tooth profile distributes strain across the entire belt allowing the belt to handle greater loads.

Has 25% higher power ratings than Poly Chain 2GT belts. Rated to 85C.

Quiet, durable, and strong.