E3D Revo Sprite for Creality Printers



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This kit is the perfect upgrade if your Creality 3D printer has a Sprite/Sprite Pro extruder - compatibility info below. It allows you to easily install Revo on your machine to reap the benefits of tool-free room temperature nozzle changes with E3D's entire range of Revo Nozzles.

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This kit comes with a pre-crimped Heater Core for the Creality Sprite/Sprite Pro tool board so you can plug it in directly – no soldering, crimping, or firmware changes necessary. We've built these cores with the same Creality thermistor that the stock hotend uses.

Due to the additional length of the Revo nozzles, we have included a CR touch spacer and a new optimised part cooling fan shroud for your convenience.

Why upgrade your Creality printer to Revo?

The Revo ecosystem offers a wide range of nozzles tailored for various 3D printing applications. Revo nozzle choices include standard brass, starting as small as 0.15mm, ideal for achieving high-definition prints. There are also brass high-flow nozzles for when you want to bring big and fast, ranging from 0.4mm up to 1.4mm. Our high-temperature nozzles enable Revo users to print industrial polymers such as PEEK up to 500°C when paired with a high-temperature block. And finally, there are two options for abrasive resistance nozzles. ObXidian, which is several orders of magnitude harder than any generic hardened steel nozzle also features our custom E3DLC coating to give it additional non-stick properties. And DiamondBack nozzles – offering the most extreme nozzle solution on the market for metal and Ceramic filled filaments.


Ender S1, S1 Pro, S1 Plus and CR-10 Smart Pro are drop-in compatible. Potentially CR-M4, but the extruder is slightly different so the fan shroud inside the kit might not work.

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Kit includes:

1 x 3D printed fan duct

1 x 3D printed CR touch spacer – to offset the CR touch

1 x Creality Sprite Revo HeaterCore adaptor

2 x M2 self tapping screws (fan to fan duct)

2 x M3 screws (BL/CR touch now need slightly longer screws because of extension)

1 x 40W Creality Sprite specific Heater Core (24v/40w, stock Creality thermistor, 300C limit)

Either no nozzle, 1 x 0.4mm Brass Nozzle (Single Nozzle) or 1 x 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm & 0.8mm Brass Nozzles (Fully Loaded)