E3D Revo High Temperature HT-Abrasive Nozzles

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HT-Abrasive nozzles are high-temperature, abrasion-resistant nozzles. Much like ObXidian, HT-Abrasive nozzles have a hardened steel tip, copper carrier and copper spreader segment to optimise the transmission of heat to the heatsink. The nozzle is then coated with Chromium Nitride to provide abrasive resistance up to 500°C. 

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Frustration-free. Each Revo Nozzle is a preassembled nozzle and HeatBreak in one unit, so there’s no hazardous hot tightening and no chance of incorrect assembly. Say goodbye to frustrating HotEnd leaks and enjoy reliable 3D printing!  

Rapid identification. HT-Abrasive nozzles are grey in colour and have their sizes engraved into them with easy-to-read numbers, so there are no confusing identification markers to learn!

Please note:

  • Whilst HT-Abrasive nozzles can be used with 40W & 60W HeaterCores, they will be temperature limited to 300°C. To print up to 500°C, we advise that you upgrade to one of our Revo High Temperature Hotside kits.

Kit includes:

1 x 0.25mm or 0.4mm or 0.6mm or 0.8mm HTX Nozzle