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High-flow 3D printing is just a 30-second nozzle change away! Achieve high-flow results in the same form factor (dimensions) as a standard E3D Revo™ thanks to optimised internal nozzle geometry. High Flow Nozzles can be used with your existing 40W HeaterCores to maximise your flow rate with standard printing materials.

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Higher Flow

Revo High Flow increases your setup's volumetric flow rate, enabling you to print faster!

How does this work?
Unlike previous E3D High Flow Hotends (Volcano and SuperVolcano), Revo High Flow maintains the exact same form factor as standard Revo HotEnds; this means there is no need to adjust your pre-existing mount and fan duct setups! Revo High Flow uses a unique custom internal geometry to increase the surface area for improved thermal transfer to the filament.

See how it works in our video! Or read a full deep dive on E3D's blog.

More nozzle sizes
Revo High Flow unlocks higher flow for existing 0.4mm, 0.60mm, and 0.80mm nozzle sizes and adds 1.00mm, 1.20mm, and 1.40mm nozzle sizes to your arsenal.

Including the standard Revo nozzle range, which is interchangeable, this allows for a wide range of printing applications with 0.15mm nozzles all the way up to 1.40mm! 

Lets talk numbers

Empirically providing useful volumetric flow rate figures is a challenging task. To make our figures as close to real use case as possible, we have stuck to a semi-standardised testing procedure. For full details on our Volumetric flow rate findings, please refer to E3D's Documentation page.


It is important to note that when we subject other high-flow hotends on the market to the same testing procedure, the maximum flow rate claims fall short when appropriate print temperature, track widths and layer heights are used.

Similarly, we have benchmarked standard filaments that are not necessarily designed to be used in high-flow situations. If you use HTPLA, PLA³ filament or other specifically high-flow designed materials, the maximum volumetric flow rate you can achieve with Revo High flow is awesome!



Do I need the new 60W Revo™ HeaterCore?
For the majority of uses cases the standard 40W HeaterCore will suffice, however if you want to maximise your performance with high temperature materials such as Polycarbonate we would recommend upgrading to the 60W core to reach the full potential of Revo™ High Flow.

How did you get around the CHT patent?
You will notice an interesting label on the side of your Revo High Flow packaging: we’re delighted to say that E3D has reached a unique agreement with Bondtech, who have exclusive rights to the 3D Solex’s CHT patent, to license core heating technology for the Revo system.

So what does this mean?
Revo users have unrestricted access to our unique high flow system. We fully support 3D Solex and Bondtech’s IP ownership and rights over their Core Heating Technology. We stand with Bondtech against the cloners, the poor copies and the companies ‘trying their luck’ by ripping off CHT, or trying to circumvent their patent with quirks in design that they see as loopholes (spoiler: they’re not loopholes, and every product sold is taking income away from the CHT inventor, Carl Beck).

Does E3D have its own ‘patent pending’ high flow design?
Yes, we do. There are some unique features we are told are patentable, and an application is pending – at some point in the future the results of that will become clear and we expect to have patent coverage. The overlaps with the CHT solution mean we want to cover all the bases, and instead of launching a product regardless of Bondtech’s position, we approached Bondtech up front, and slowly built up a relationship and an agreement that works for both parties.

Will my Z-offset change when I install a Revo High Flow nozzle?
Revo Nozzles are all manufactured to the same length (within ±0.2mm) you will not need to reposition your Z-probe or re-level your bed. You may need to adjust your Z-offset to get a perfect first layer though.


How do I tell the difference between a standard nozzle and a high flow nozzle?
A high flow nozzle can be distinguished from a standard nozzle in two ways:

  1. The circle where the high flow geometry in inserted, located on the bottom of the nozzle (only visible when clean).
  2. When the sock is removed the nozzle diameter followed by ‘HF’ is engraved for easy identification.

Key features:

Maximum temperature: 300°C (heatercore temperature sensor limited)
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Voltage: 24V

Compatible with: Revo Micro, Revo Six, Revo Voron, Revo CR, Revo Hemera XS, Revo Prusa MK3, Revo Prusa Mini, Revo MicroSwiss NG, Revo Biqu H2 V2 




Diameter: 13mm
Overall length: 41mm