E3D Revo Heatercore (with spring)



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As of 9/15/22, comes with new/improved heatercore (with blue thermistor insulation). Swap nozzles without complex tools and hot tightening with this innovative new HotEnd ecosystem from E3D, FDM 3D printing extrusion system experts.

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US distributor for E3D.  

Revo HeaterCore (12V or 24V). No cables included, only what is pictured.  All heatercore options are manufactured by E3D, but the "LDO version" has different cable length and terminations, intended for use with their toolhead boards but may be useful with other boards as well. Check the drawing for details.

60 watt "high flow" edition is now available. Same physical dimensions as other heatercores, same thermistor, same 300C limit, but with 60 watts of heat. Only necessary if using extreme part cooling and/or printing near 300C, or if you're having trouble maintaining desired print temperature.