E3D PT100 Sensor


In stock, ready to ship. Volcano heater blocks available upon request, just use the order notes at checkout to ask to be swapped to one.

PT100's are  high temperature, high accuracy temperature sensors that you can now use on your E3D-v6 HotEnd instead of a thermistor or thermocouple. PT100 sensors are able to measure higher temperatures than thermistors - upto 400C, and are more accurate then both thermistors and thermocouples in general. Our PT100 sensors are also very easy to handle, being of a metal cartridge construction that is secured with a set screw, no more fiberglass sleeving or clamping washer.

If you want experiment with printing the crazy high temperature materials, get more accurate temperature readings, and have a much more robust and easy to assemble temperature sensor then a PT100 is an ideal option.

This is a kit that provides everything you need to get up and running with a PT100 sensor on most machines.

This kit contains a PT100 sensor, a heater block that is compatible with that sensor, an electrical amplifier board to connect the PT100 to your printer controller board, and the required screws for holding everything together. This kit is compatible with all E3D HotEnds except for Cyclops and Volcano. 

This amplifier board is not compatible with the Duet Wifi/Ethernet, for these boards please use the appropriate daughterboard.

Unfortunately it is not possible to include a cable that goes from the sensor board to the printer controller, as different controllers have varying types of connectors. The kit includes the pictured and listed items - heater block, sensor, cable for sensor, and the amplifier board. You will need to make or obtain a cable that connects to your specific printer controller.
Documentation available here.

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