E3D Nozzle Spanner (Wrench)

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Flat Wrench:

This is a handy little 7mm Spanner created for use with E3D nozzles. Prevents the all too common mangling of the nozzle if you're a tinkerer who switches out nozzles often.

This spanner will fit all E3D-v6 nozzles and Volcano nozzles. It will not fit Cyclops nozzles. It may or may not fit nozzles made by companies not named E3D.

Cross Wrench:

Fits 4/5/5.5/7mm. Holds onto a nozzle better to make nozzle swapping easier, especially while hot. E3D nozzles are 7mm. Other manufacturers nozzles may be other sizes, confirm compatibility as needed.

A handle for the cross wrench was designed by mhackney: