E3D Nozzle PRO Pack (v6)


E3D's most popular and experimental nozzles are now available in a kit! Saves 25% when compared to buying individually! Also includes a handy storage tin and spanner. 
All v6 nozzles are backward compatible with any previous E3D HotEnd system and is also compatible with many 3D printers including the Prusa i3 and Mk2.
In stock, ready to ship. 
Nozzles Included:
0.8mm (experimental)
Plated Copper:
Hardened Steel:
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US distributor for E3D.  

E3D Nozzle PRO Pack Details: 
  • BRASS - 0.15mm - The ultimate nozzle for ‘wow-factor’ tiny printing - recommended for use with high flow materials like MG94 and MatX. We’ve printed intricate castles only 2 cm high with every tiny detail still visible, right down to the steps of the spiral staircase. Requires care and attention to use well, keeping contamination out of the nozzle and careful cooling but the results are worth the effort.
  • BRASS - 0.8mm - For printing big layers - aesthetically stunning, stronger parts & faster printing. The 0.8mm volcano nozzle was so popular we introduced this 0.8mm to our standard V6 range, not as fast as a volcano, but still lets you trial this style of printing without any adaptation of your hotend.
  • COPPER - 0.25mm - Allows you to resolve fine details in small parts, but with far better ease of use than 0.15mm. Made in high conductivity copper with a non-stick nickel coating this will result in clean, detailed prints.
  • COPPER - 0.4mm - Our ‘standard’ nozzle size of choice, but the nickel coating here has low surface energy which reduces plastic adhesion, and has potential to increase flow rate. Copper alloy also performs better at higher temperatures than other nozzles. Great for sticky materials like TPUs and PET-Gs as well as extreme temperature polymers like Ultem.
  • HARDENED STEEL - 0.4mm - Harder, and more resistant to abrasive exotic filaments like carbon fibre, metal filled and glow in the dark - has a near infinite lifespan compared to brass when printing abrasives.
  • HARDENED STEEL - 0.6mm - Achieve a fine combination of precision and speed. The benefits of hardened steel’s incredible wear resistance, and chunky strong interlayer adhesion. Recommended with carbon fibre composites for ultimate strength parts.
  • E3D Nozzle Spanner - Just a handy spanner. It works with all E3D nozzles.