E3D High Temperature Heated Bed



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These are wall-powered  heated beds to be used for printing high-temperature plastics or where fast heat-up times are required. They must be used with an SSR to switch and control, due to using main voltage (wall outlet power).

Sensor used: 104-GT2 thermistor 
Power: 500W (200x200), 800W (300x200), 1100W (300x300)
Voltage: 110V, 240v version available on request.
Max operating temp: 200°C
Peak temp: 250°C
Bed is made of 3mm thick 6000 series aluminum, with a heater attached to the underside.


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- These things get HOT. All three beds should be quicker than 80s to 100°C. Use appropriate protective equipment when operating a machine using this component.

- Runs on mains (wall outlet) voltage. It is the user's responsibility to make sure that the wiring is insulated and compliant with the relevant regulations and that the device is earthed (grounded) properly using the threaded hole provided.