E3D Heater Cartridge



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Replacement heater cartridge, compatible with all E3D hot ends. 12v/24v and 30w/40w options, 6mm diameter, about 21mm in length.

Note: It is a good idea to double check that you received the heater desired, as mistakes can happen during ordering and/or packing.

Blue heaters are generally 12v/30w
Red heaters are generally 12v/40w
Yellow heaters are 24v/30w
White heaters are 24v/40w

GREEN heaters are 30 or 40 watts, and premium

Premium cartridges feature highly precise temperature output, improved reliability, long life, a quick connect near the cartridge, and more. With these new heater cartridges, E3D has managed to improve on an already first-class 30-watt heater. It features an added a connector so that you can now change Hot Ends without having to modify all your cable routing. The cable included is also crimped with ferrules at the other end to make plugging in your new cartridge much easier and neater.  

With cable Includes the cable. Need just the cable? Click here.

Without cable is just the heater, ~6 inch cable, and connector.

All heaters come with one meter of silicone-insulated high-temperature cabling and are available in 12V or 24V.

12v/30w: 5-6 ohms
12v/40w: 3-4 ohms
24v/30w: 19-24 ohms
24v/40w: 9-12 ohms

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