Duet3D/LDO Motor23 CL (CAN-FD Closed Loop NEMA23)



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The Duet 3 Motor M23CL is a family of closed loop, CAN-FD connected NEMA 23 motors, fully integrated into the Duet 3 ecosystem. The M23CL incorporates a high resolution encoder and optionally integrates a brake to hold the motor in position when power is off.

Connections to the Duet 3 CAN-FD bus and power use industrial M8 connectors. Multiple M23CLs can be connected to the bus, either via an M8 Y-splitter or a distribution board/box. The 76mm motor provides a well-balanced mix of torque and acceleration, and custom motor lengths can be produced on request.

Note: At this time cables are not included, just connectors with screw terminals for attaching your own cables. See photo 2.