Duet 3 Roto Toolboard


In stock, ready to ship.

The board allows you to connect:

  • The extruder motor
  • A two or three wire heatsink fan (both options provided by E3D)
  • The Revo heater and thermistor
  • The secondary temperature sensor option provided by E3D
These connections are all plug and play, using the connectors provided as standard with the E3D Roto and Revo. In addition you can also connect:
  • A 2, 3 or 4 wire fan for part cooling
  • 4 IO pins for filament monitoring, endstops, and tool detection
  • A Neopixel strip
  • A Duet3D scanning Z probe coil, the same coils as our recently announced Scanning Z Probe board
Includes 2 Z-probe scanning coils.

More details and documentation here.