Delta Smart Effector


In stock, ready to ship.

Available in 1.75 mm only.
Does not include heatsink, is compatible with the v6 threaded heatsink or the Revo Micro.
v4.0 now available: 
  • Uses built in traces in a custom PCB manufacturing process. Significantly finer straces allow for a higher noise margin.
  • Changed the 8 pin connector on the top of the board to a JST PH which is more robust. The Molex KK 2 pin header on the bottom has also been changed to JST PH

6 Spare Magballs

12 Magballs + 6 Arms (various arm lengths)

The Smart Effector for delta printers allows the hotend to be used as a Z probe giving fantastic accuracy across the whole delta build area by eliminating the effect of tilt. It uses precision PCB manufacturing to ensure equal hole spacing between the effector and the carriages on the towers, further improving accuracy.

  • Supplied with 3 PCB carriage adapters with 20mm mounting hole spacing compatible with common linear rails and wheel carriages.
  • We have various arm lengths available as an optional add on, including 215mm, 288mm, 304mm, 360mm, and 400mm. Click here for those.
  • We also list spare mag balls if you want to have multiple smart effectors for a quick swap.
  • The smart effector simplifies wiring of hotend components with plug connectors from thermistor and fans along with a screw terminal for the heater cartridge. Molex and microfit connections are then used for wiring looms back to the control electronics. Crimp pins and housings are supplied for all connections
  • On board LEDs for print illumination are compatible with either 12V or 24V power supplies with a jumper selecting the voltage.



  • Built-in nozzle contact detection (Z probe)
  • Three white LEDs to illuminate the bed whenever the hot end fan is powered
  • Green LED to indicate Z probe triggering and successful programming
  • Amber LED to indicate power to hot end heater
  • Matching PCB carriage adaptors ensure uniform spacing between bearings at top and bottom of the rods, for accurate nozzle motion
  • Power and signal connectors on top for connection to the 3D printer control electronics, to make removal of the hot end easier
  • Connectors on underside for hot end heater, hot end fan, print cooling fan and temperature sensor
  • Support for thermistor, or 2-wire PT100 temperature sensor with 2- or 4-wire connection back to electronics (version for 4-wire PT100 sensor available to special order)


  • Compatible with v6 threaded heatsink or the Revo Micro.
  • Effector and carriage adapters suit magnetic ball studs with M3 tails
  • carriage adapters suit carriages with 4 x M3 fixing holes in a 20mm square
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V heaters, and 12V and 24V hot end fan power (jumper selectable)
  • 3.3V or 5V supply needed for nozzle contact sensor
  • Programmable nozzle contact sensitivity when used with Duet series electronics


Strain Effector Dimensions

Carriage Adaptor Dimensions

SmartEffector SMT Component Clearances

For those people who want to make parts that fit flush with the underside of the board this gives the approximate clearances for SMT components on the bottom of the board.