BMG Reverse Integrated Drive Gear Assembly (OEM RIDGA V2, SKU 15167)


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Reduce the runout of the main drive gear on your Dual Drive extruder.

A very solid, reliable and improved solution from Bondtech that provides a slight improvement to the print surface quality.

Designed for the following Open Source extruders:

  • HextrudORT;
  • Sherpa Mini;
  • Voron Mini StealthBurner.

Why a V2?

The OEM RIDGA V2 allows for ideal engagement between main gear and an 8T or 10T motor gear, while retaining a safe distance between the stepper motor and gear assembly.

The R.I.D.G.A. replaces the following drive train items:

  • Main shaft;
  • Main gear;
  • Set screw;
  • Primary drive gear.
  • 2x 4x8x3.0 mm ball bearings

See here for more details:

Be aware the primary drive gear is reversed :
not compatible with the Bondtech BMG extruder

It must be used with 5x8x2.5 mm ball bearings (INCLUDED).